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To help web visitors understand the value of joining OMC, available here are FREE Adobe Acrobat downloads of articles (selected from recent issues of OMC's newsletter, The Blitz).

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"Opel GT: Things to Know"  (January 2006 issue of The Blitz, file size 308kb)

Written for the new GT Owner, or someone who is thinking of buying a GT. Includes tips on what to inspect for in a used GT, how to choose a mechanic to work on your Opel, which critical components need repairs, what to replace when restarting a stored GT, daily and seasonal operating tips, and more.

"OMC 25th Anniversary Event" (September 2005 issue of The Blitz, file size 3.76mb)

The Blitz features recaps of Opel events throughout North America and Europe. This article covered the 25th Anniversary gathering at our premier event, the OMC Annual Picnic (held in Southern California in the Summer of 2005). (Note: Some personally identifying information was edited)

"Lessons From the Pomona Swap Meet"  (April 2006 issue of The Blitz, file size 172kb)

An example from an OMC tradition of an "April Fool's" issue of the Blitz. While many OMC articles are humorous, they can also warn you from making some serious mistakes. The world of Opel car sellers (as well as would-be car mechanics and parts vendors), does include "characters" who are more motivated to take your money than to provide you fair service.

"(Opel Manta) TE2800: The Complete Story"  (May 2006 issue of The Blitz, file size 4.17mb)

An example of an in-depth report on a historic modern Opel vehicle: This specially-built 6-cylinder engine "Super" Manta of the 1974-1975, with extensive notes on the technical modifications required to produce this vehicle.


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