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Opel Through the Years


After 25 years since its founding, Opel had become a successful international manufacturer exporting sewing machines throughout Europe, the U.S., Russia and India. In 1887, Opel embarked on volume production of another exclusive, high-priced machine: the bicycle. Over the years, Opel would become the world's largest bicycle manufacturer
In 1899, Opel produced its first car, leveraging its 37 years of engineering and manufacturing experience. Although Adam Opel himself died before car production began, the Opel famly carried on his vision, helping to make the automobile affordable transportation for as many people as possible.

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Opel Heritage:

1899 ~ 1928

1929 ~ 1945

1946 ~ 1979

1980 ~ 1989

1990 ~ 1999

2000 + Beyond

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