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Opel GT Spot Light

Opel Spotlight


Mark Spencer's 1970 Opel GT Dragster
New Jersey, USA

Mark's Opel Story goes like this ...

I chose the Opel because I am a big fan of the old NHRA Gasser Classes.Opel GTs were very popular bodies to use in the AA/GS class.These cars ran low 8s with blown Hemis on gas.The Gasser wars,as they became known as ran from the late 50s to the early 70s before they fell out of favor to the then new Funny Car classes.

The most popular body in the beginning of the Gasser classes was the '33 Willys,which I also happen to own.My '33 has a Blown 58 Chrysler Hemi in it and is capable of low 10 second ETs in street trim on pump gas.It was an original AA/GS car from the mid to late 60s and ran a best of 8.62 at 165 mph.It was campaigned in Northern California.I bought it out of California and converted it to a street car about four years back.

In the late 60s racers began using newer body styles than the the pre war coupes and one of their choices were Opel's,both GT and Kadettes.The GT proved the most sucessful and was a great platform for AA classes because it was much more aerodynamic then the coupes it replaced.In fact the fastest AA gas time recorded before the class was abolishes was in a Gt bodied car. Between My Opel and Willys I feel that I represent the beginning and the end of the Gasser era.

1970 GT Specs:

  • Steel Quaters and roof
  • All other body panels are fiberglass
  • Wheelbase is stretched 10 in.
  • 2070 lb. without driver
  • Chrome moly tube chassis
  • 361 in Small Block Chevy
  • 630 hp at 7500 rpm
  • Runs 9.40 @ 142 mph

PS: The Hemi on the engine cradle in the garage shot is slated to go in the GT once I install a blower on it. The car should run low 8s at 170 plus.

MSOpel1b MSOpel2b
MSOpel3b MSOpel5b

Mark can be reached for questions or comments via e-mail:

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