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Opel Manta

The 1971-1975 Opel Manta

-- was the "Sport Coupe" version of the Opel "1900" chassis,shared also with the Ascona sedan and wagons. It was designed to compete with the Ford Capri of the early 1970's, as a vehicle that offered outstanding road handling combined with some performance and economy.

The upgraded Mantas, included the plush "Luxus" interior of 1973-1974, and the performance styled "Rallye" of 1971-1974. All 1975 Manta's came factory-equipped   with fuel injection and larger brakes.

Mantas are now seldom seen, outside of some of the Opel events. Parts are largely available from the specialty Opel vendors for the 1.9 liter driveline, however, body and interior parts are now becoming harder to find. Additional information for maintenance and upgrades to the Manta, can be found in the "Tech Tips" section of this website.


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General Notes: The Manta shared same 1.9 liter drivetrain with 1971-1973 Opel GT's, except for the: Front suspension, radiator, clutch arm, transmission linkage, driveshaft, rear axle housing, exhaust system, are not interchangeable. Differences also in Solex carburetor (with round diaphragm), carb air can, exhaust manifold assembly, distributor advance specifications, and the base-model's instrument gauge sender unit circuits.

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