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Opel GT Returns: 2006

Opel has announced, the new 2006 Opel GT will debut at the Geneva Auto Show on March 2nd 2006.

This is the first Opel GT produced since 1973 (a 33 year absence from the market). Based on the GM's global "Kappa" platform, it will share production at the Wilmington, Delaware plant with the Saturn Sky Roadster.

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WHILE THE PREVIOUS Opel 2-seat sports car shared the underpinnings with the Lotus Elise, the next-generation sports car from GM's German unit will be based on the Kappa platform that has spawned the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn's new roadster. Unlike the open-top U.S. cars, the Opel is shown here as a coupe; remember, the Solstice was shown in concept form as both a coupe and a roadster. The GT is evidence that a coupe version may not be far behind the U.S. market.

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