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Opel Events

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Upcoming 2015 OMC Event:

The upcoming 2015 OMC Event is currently scheduled to be in Napa Valley, California. The anticipated date is August, 2015. Please click on the following link to see more details!

2015 OMC National Event!

"Other Popular Opel Club Events"

Carlisle Import Show:
Held annually since 1995 each May at the Carlisle Import Show in Carlisle, PA

Tacoma Show:
Held annually since 1989 in June-July. Locations can vary in the Tacoma, WA area,

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Opel Nationals:
Held annually since 2005 in Summer. Continues the tradition of the "OMC Picnic" event. Locations can vary

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Past OMC Picnic Pics!

1997 OMC Picnic

1999 OMC Picnic

2000 OMC Picnic

OMC wishes to thank all who participated in our "BIG" 25th anniversary 3 day weekend of events in August 2005.

Highlights and details can be found in the September, October, and November 2005 issues of the OMC Blitz.

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