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Opel GT Miscellaneous

  • Suggested articles, sometimes including step-by-step procedures, are indicated with orange colored text. You can also submit YOUR Opel TechTips, for consideration by the Editor of the OMC Blitz, to: joinomc@opelclub.com
  • Various articles and topic lists, that are non-specific"general maintenance" or don't fit paricular component categories for different model Opels. Includes indexes, which can help to locate additional articles in past OMC Blitzes (and articles published by now-defunct other US Opel clubs).

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"Odds and Ends" (Blitz Indexes, Various History, Miscellaneous & Opel Obsession)

Jul - Aug 2008

Opel GT (major) model year part changes (5 pages) Download here

Nov/Dec 2007

Pro Street GT Build

March/April 2007

New 2007 Opel GT:Interior and Features (1 page, illustrated) Technical Details (1 page,illustrated) Opel GT "Spotters Guide" (1 page, illustrated

Jan/Feb 2007

Identification of 1968 Opel GT, 2 pages, illustrated Photos of unique 1968 "L-1/2-V" Temp/Tank Gauge, Split Front Bumper, Low Back Seats, Double DoorTop Bumpers, Thinner Hood Edges

Jan 2006

Things to Know (Top 10 List for buying or rebuilding an Opel GT), 4 pgs (illustrated) Click here!
Covers selecting a rust-free GT for rebuilding, steps to bring a GT out of storage, deciding whether to repair a GT yourself or how to hire a mechanic, repair of critical components (need to rewire headlights and protect ignition switch), installation of Weber 32/36 carburetor for reliability, and other important GT tips.

Dec 2005

Towing Your Opel?, Part II, 4 pages (illustrated)
Tow bar mounting suggests widening the front subchassis mount holes on the Kadett and GT from 5/16" to 3/8" wide. Lighting hookup is noted, as is checking axle and transmission fluid is in towed vehicle. Cars with automatic transmissions are limited to a 35MPH or 35-mile tow, to avoid internal or seal damage. Tow dolly options are explained. A chart is also included to assist choices, and recommendations are made.

Oct 2005

Towing Your Opel?, Part I, 4 pages (illustrated)
Discussion covers tow vehicle considerations, trailer options, safety upgrades and trailer wiring, hitch classes, the tow bar and tow ball.

July 2005

European-Only Opel GT Parts, 1 page (illustrated)
Photos show 240km speedometer, clear round front passing lights, rectangular front fog lights, rectangular reverse lights, optional trailer hitch and ski rack,  and the headlight switch as the middle button on dash toggle panel.

Jan 2005

Right-Hand Drive GT Conversion Photos (Australia), 2 pages (illustrated)
Uncaptioned photos show changes on dashboard, engine compartment, and to pedals and steering components, to allow RHD operation of GT in Australia.

Jan 2004

Index to Blitz & Tech Tips in 2003, 2 pages

Nov 2003

Installing Sigma Sport BC800 (Speed Display) in GT, 3 pages (illustrated)

Jan 2003

Index to Blitz & Tech Tips in 2002, 2 pages

Jan 2002

Index to Blitz & Tech Tips in 2001, 2 pages

Nov 2001

Consumable Parts List, 2 pages
Common replacement parts identification.

May 2001

Blitz Issue Inventory in OMC Library, 1 page

Feb 2001

Index to Tech Tips 8/1998-2/2001, 1 page

Jan 2001

Preparing for Solo II Racing, Parts List, 2 pages
Components acceptable for class racing: Suspension, Engine,   Wheels, Brakes, Interior, and list of other considerations.

Jan 2001

Index to Blitz Articles in 2000, 1 page

April 2000

Wayne Torman's Fastener List, 2 pages
List of body, interior, mechanical and headlight bolt and screw sizes in a GT, with metric spec diameter, length and thread sizes.

Jan 2000

Index to Blitz Articles in 1999

Jun 1998

1985-1998 OMC Tech Tip Index, 3 pages

May 1998

Towing a GT: trailer vs. tow dolly; 1 page
Multipart discussion describes experiences and requirements of transporting an Opel: Legal requirements for trailers vs. U-Haul type tow dollies, advantage of using towing car that is lower to ground, need to disconnect driveshaft (in an automatic Opel), repairs to Opels driven (that had not been thoroughly mechanically evaluated) en route.

Apr 1998

Uses for ProLong lubricant; 1 page

Apr 1997

Getting your Opel Smogged for California; 1 page

Jan 1997

"Opel GT: small parts to get"; 1 page
Tips on hard-to-get GT small parts, suggesting to save them from salvage GT's.

Nov 1996

Report on pollution legislation targeting older cars; 2 pages

Nov 1996

"Sleeping Beauty"; 3 pages
Reprint of article with tips on storing a vehicle for the winter. Includes adding lubricants such as gasoline stabilizer, putting the car on jack stands (located on suspension members), placing dessicant like silica gel (to absorb moisture) in area, removing battery, etc.

Oct 1996

Interchangeable parts from other cars; 1 page

Jul 1996

Electric Opel GT; 4 pages (illustrated)
Extensive details David B's conversion to an electric GT.

Feb 1996

Retrospective on Northwest Opel Club Newsletters 1983-1996 Includes 2 pages of Tech Tips on top speed vs. axle ratios, need to clean the distributor breaker plates, using the brake hose clip (at front cross member) for emergency replacement of clutch adjustment "E-Clip."

Jan 1996

"Opel GT's Hard to Find Used Parts"; 1 page
List of parts, that (in 1996) were hard to find in good used condition, for an Opel GT. Intended to serve, as a list of parts to remove, when parting out a "junkyard" or other GT intended for disassembly. Some parts, particularly the exterior lenses, have since been reproduced.

Nov 1995

"What Year (Opel GT Model) Is It?"; 2 pages (illustrations)
Lists year-to-year changes in parts and applications for 1968-73 GT's. (The text of this article has been reproduced on the OMC website).

May 1995

GT Summer Driving Tech Tips; 1 page (illustrated)
Lists a variety of tips to prepare a GT for common risks of Summer driving, including installing a 160-degree thermostat, insulating the fuel hoses from hot surfaces (to prevent "vapor lock"), upgrading the cooling system with 3-row radiator and fan shroud, checking trans and axle oil, etc.

Apr 1995

Rating the Opel Service Manuals (Comparison of Manuals for GT); 2 pages
Covers the factory service manuals, Chilton's, Clymer's, and the Workshop manuals for the GT, and the factory, Chilton's, Clymers, and Haynes manuals for the Manta. (Note: Does not include the Drake and InterEurope manuals). Excerpted and updated, on the updated OMC Website.

Mar 1995

Index to Technical Tips in Back Issues of NAOGTC Club Newsletters 1985-1994; 2 pages

Jan 1995

GT Winter Driving Tech Tips, 2 pages (illustrated)
Collection of tips, including parts inspection, lubrication and upgrades, to prepare your GT for Winter driving. Includes also: Starting your GT, Winter Storage Tips, and   a list of items (wrenches, parts, etc) to carry in your GT.

Jan 1995

Index to Back Issues of OMC Blitz Newsletters 1985-1994

Sept 1988

Restarting A Long-Stored Opel (Reply to Letter); 1 page
Tom E. mentions it is helpful to remove the distributor and to run the oil pump gears, with a long flat-blade tool cut off from a screwdriver and run with a power drill, to pre-lube a long-stored engine. Other tips are to replace all rubber hoses in fuel and cooling systems, replace fluids such as engine, transmission and rear axle oil, add a new battery, pressure test the cooling system for leaks, and check the carburetor to see if it can be spray-cleaned for fuel residue or rebuilt.

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