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  • Featuring unique body and suspension components, articles on the Manta/Ascona chassis concern the need to protect the front frame rail (driver's side) from battery-caused corrosion and the tricky replacement procedure of the front suspension's sway bar bushings. Other articles suggest interior upgrades, by adapting components from the specialty "Luxus" and "Rallye" models.

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May/June 2007

Manta SR (2 pages, illustrated)Unique parts found on this special model Manta

Aug 2006

Refurbishing the Heater Blower Motor

May 2006

Manta TE 2800: Frame Upgrades and modifications, with specifications
Manta A Six Cylinder: Conversions to six cylinder, 3.0L 24 valve engines. Includes engine mounting modifications and relocation

May 2005

Manta/Ascona Radiator Upgrade, 1 page (illustrated)
Photo of Griffin #25135 radiator core (sold by Jegs & Summit), showing custom brackets for fabricated mount adaptors.

Nov 2004

"The Other 5-Speed," 8 pages (illustrated)
Thomas H. describes and illustrates the considerations and step-by-step installation, of an overdrive unit from a 1980-1982 European Opel, into a 1972 Manta.

Nov 2003

Water Contamination in Manta Gas Tank, 1 page
Suggests refreshing fuel, if vehicle stalls during a storm.

Sept 2003

Installing a Getrag in a Manta or Ascona, 2 pages
Dennis G. covers Manta GETRAG installation issues: Mounting Bracket/CrossMember configuration, driveshaft modification, clutch cable firewall mount, pedal assemblies, and engine brackets.

Sept 2003

Front End Shimmy In A Manta, 1 page
Bob L. urges component inspection, and torque of lower control arm-to-sway bar bolts to a full 87 ft. lbs.

Aug 2003

SCCA Rules Change For Mantas & Asconas, 4 pages (illustrated)
Extensive discussion starts with SCCA rule change, that allows higher compression early-style 1.9 pistons and larger intake valves for Opel ITB class racing, and extends into areas of minimum backpressure in exhaust systems, FI "PSC" brain box tweaks from splitsec.com, and how the Opel #2 piston always runs hotter than the other cylinders.

July 2003

Manta Sway Bars, 2 pages
Dennis G. adds extensive directions on removal and replacement of sway bar and bushings on the Manta sway bar.

May 2003

Removing a Manta Gas Tank, 1 page (illustrated)
Dale G. explains procedure (with schematic) of pulling '73 Manta tank.

Jan 2003

Preparing Ascona for ITB Racing: Roll cage, 6 pages (illustrated)
Bob L.'s detailed article on convertina a 1971 4-door Ascona sedan for SCCA racing, including interior roll cage installation mods.

Dec 2002

Manta year and model identification list, 4 pages (illustrated)
Charles G. lists year-to-year Manta parts identification and changes, including the special editions: Manta Rallye, Luxus and 1973 Blue Max.

Sept 2002

Manta windshield removal, 1 page
Charles G. mentions that rubber gasket has to be cut off, to remove and/or replace Manta windshield glass.

Aug 2002

Manta Rear Seat Removal, 1 page
Repeat of June 2002 tech tip.

June 2002

Manta Rear Seat Removal, 1 page
Suggestion to pull rear seat off metal tab, and to pull up.

Feb 2002

Kadett & Manta Quarter Window Pop-outs, 1 page
Suggestions on the "loose locking tab" problem including using industrial strength marine epoxy-type adhesive (3M 5200).

Feb 2002

Kadett Spark Plugs, 1 page
Mentions some of the original spark plugs used threaded ends to connect to original spark plug wires.

Feb 2002

Kadett Instrument Panel Removal, 1 page
In addition to one screw, there are 4 spring clips to pull off of.

Feb 2002

Installing Front Suspension Poly Bushings in a Manta, 3 pages
Multipart discussion considers pros and cons of polyurethane a-arm busings (recommended) and sway bar to a-arm bushings (will function with limited durability). Charles G. adds a step-by-step procedure for Manta front suspension disassembly. Also discusses Delrin AF material bushings and weld-on lubrication fittings.

Apr 2000

Service Manual reprint: Manta/1900 Fuse box Terminals/Circuits, 1 page
Application table, lists which circuits are affected by which fuse.

Nov 1998

Kadett speedometer gradients vs. axle ratios, 1 page

May 1998

Installing Manta '74-'75 Seat Belts (in another Opel model)
Dennis G. provides an illustration of a bracket template for adaptation.

Jan 1998

Interactive Tech Tip: miscellaneous answers to Manta problems; 1 page
Mentions that trunk rubber needs replacement, if water leaks into trunk.

Oct 1996

Tech Tip, 1 page
Source for replacement heater core, 1967-72 Chevy/GMC truck (non-A/C).

Dec 1995

Manta automatic vs. manual transmission install, 1 page
Mentions that you have to weld on a transmission bracket, to change transmission types in a Manta or Ascona.

Dec 1995

Manta turn signal flasher operation, 1 page
Suggests modification and replacement with Nissan # 25520-89997 flasher.

Dec 1995

Ascona/1900 Wagon Side Window Tab adhesive, 1 page
Suggests using an abrasive on the glass area beneath the tab attaching point, and using "Marine Tex" waterproof epoxy adhesive (found in boating supply shops) to reattach the tab to the glass.

July 1995

Diagnosis of 1975 Manta FI problem, 1 page
Rick G. notes, that loose wiring of the FI relay in a 1975 Manta, caused his engine to stall, then mis-wiring on the repair (from the relay to the starter solenoid) caused the engine to fill with fuel. He suggests checking all color-coded FI wires to the factory shematics.

April 1995

Rating the Opel Service Manuals (Comparison of Manuals for Manta/Ascona); 1 page
Preston C. compares the factory service manuals, Chilton's, Clymers, and Hayne's manuals, in general, for their approach to work on the Manta.

July 1994

Ascona Clutch Pedal Squeak Tips (Letter); 1 page
Bob L. suggests lubricating the pedal hinge pin and pivot points, and reinforcing the firewall by welding a sheet metal plate for support.

March 1994

Manta/Ascona/Wagon Suspension Upgrades; 1 page

Feb 1994

Manta/Ascona/Wagon Front Frame Rail Damage/Part Solicitation; 1 page
Notes that batter acid corrosion frequently eats away at the front driver's side frame rail on the Manta/Ascona/Wagon, and asks if readers want to fund a production run of replacement frame rails.

Dec 1993

Manta Rally Pack Gauge Tip; 1 page
Preston C. advises that the style changes froom 1971-73 vs. 1974-75, to install oil sending unit from a GT, and to consider new VDO gauges.

Dec 1993

Manta Tachometer Installation Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing a Rallye Manta tach, with wiring tips.

Dec 1993

Manta Dash Face Plate Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests replacing "fake wood" with plastic Ascona plate.

Dec 1993

Manta Trip Odometer Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests an inexpensive stick-on aftermarket odometer gauge.

Dec 1993

Manta 1975 Head Rest Tip; 1 page
Preston C. notes 1975 seats' headrests, to retrofit earlier Manta seats.

Dec 1993

Manta Dash Switch Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing fog light switches and accessory lights.

Dec 1993

Manta Window Washer Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing a GT window washer foot pedal switch.

Dec 1993

Manta Door Handle Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing the Luxus model interior door handles.

Dec 1993

Manta Interior Light Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing interior light from an Audi 4000.

Dec 1993

Manta Trunk Light Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing trunk light and switch from Luxus model.

Dec 1993

Manta Under-Hood Light Tip; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing underhood light from the Luxus model.

Dec 1993

Manta Glove Box Light Installation Notes; 1 page
Preston C. suggests installing the glove box light from the Luxus model.

Aug 1992

1974 ITB Manta "What I Did Over My Summer Vacations..."; 3 pages

May 1992

Racing the '75 Manta (ITB Racing Tips); 1 page

Aug 1991

Manta Body Parts Outline, Factory Exploded View; 2 pages (illustrated)

Aug 1991

Manta/1900 Names (Letter & Reply); 1 page

Dec 1989

Manta/Ascona Tip: Battery Location; 1 page
Fred L. suggests to install a replacement battery box (when original has corroded so much that it leaks battery fluid) or relocate battery to trunk.

Dec 1989

Manta/Ascona Tip: Suspension Lowering Tip; 1 page
Fred L. suggests trimming the bump stop bushings, when the suspension is lowered, to avoid a harsh ride.

Dec 1989

Manta/Ascona Tip: 100 Watt Halogen Headlights; 1 page

June 1989

Heater Hose Tech Tip, 1 page (illustrated)
Tom E. mentions AMC/Jeep/Eagle right-angle formed hose (#TO760981), as a replacement for the formed right-angle original Manta hose. Note: This was a part number in the late 1980's for  Renault.

Feb 1989

Manta/Ascona Steering Wheel Puller; 1 page (illustration)
Cal H. lists step-by-step procedure for removing the steering wheel, using 2 6mm bolts 115mm long and a standard wheel puller (illustrated).

May 1988

Manta: Rubber Impact Strip Repair on 1974-75 Bumpers; 1 page
Tom E. mentions that this rubber strip can be re-mounted to the bumper with silicone sealer (use tape to hold and allow to cure 24 hours).

May 1986

Manta/Ascona: Trim Bump Stops when Lowering Suspension; 1 page
Suggests to trim 1/2" off bump stops when installling cut coil springs.

Dec 1985

Manta Rear Marker Light Bulb Replacement; 1 page
Tom E. describes removal of internal socket necessary to replace bulb.

Dec 1985

Keeping Your Manta Cool, Further Reflections; 2 pages
Fred L. also suggests using distilled water in a 50/50 coolant mix, and to regularly inspect and replace radiator cap, hoses, thermostat at a 2-year interval.

March 1985

Keeping Your Manta Cool, 4 pages (illustrated)
Fred L. suggests cutting away inner body valence panel for better airflow to the bottom half of the radiator (if replacing the stock 2-row core with a 3-row, and installing a 160-degree thermostat alone isn't sufficient to keep dash temp gauge from going towards the red).

March 1985

A Cure for Manta Dash Sag; 2 pages (illustrated)
Description of application of strip of plumber's tape for support to the rear of the area just to the left of the glove box.

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