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GT Interior

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  • The Opel GT interior was custom-designed to tightly fit the driver. Keep it nice, and upgrade with stereo and other components, by reference to past OMC Blitz articles.

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April 2004

Installing Speakers in GT, 2 pages (illustrated)
Dean E. describes how he installed a set of speakers, unobtrusively in a GT, by mounting a pair in the rear, recessed in the flat "board" beneath the "vinyl curtain" in the rear and covered with "swimsuit fabric" called "stretch lycra, then placing a pair of smaller Sony Xplod 3.5"round speakers in the front "kick panels" just next to the air vents.

Dec 2003

Installing 3-point Seat Belts in a GT, 2 pages (illustrated)
John S. describes Andover seat belt kit GT installation.

Nov 2003

3-Point Seat Belts, 1 page (illustrated)
Stephen suggests aftermarket belts from Latest Rage of Alpine, CA.

Nov 2003

Installing a Sigma Sport BC800, 3 pages (illustrated)
Jim P. details installation of an aftermarket electronic tripmeter/odometer ondash in a GT.

Sept 2003

Mazda Miata Seats in a GT, 2 pages (illustrated)
Gene H. includes a template for a bracket to mount seats on GT rails.

July 2003

Odometer Change on Speedometer, 1 page
Terry T. describes running up the mileage on the odometer to match the reading on the car's original speedometer, using an electric drill to add at a rate of 29,000 miles in an hour.

June 2003

CoCoa Floor Mats, 1 page (illustrated)
John S. lists sources AutoSeattle, WA & Intromarketing of Anaheim, CA.

May 2003

Aftermarket GT Seats, 1 page (illustrated)
Rick G. suggests aftermarket seats by Corbeau of Salt Lake City, Utah.

April 2003

Interior Exhaust Smell, Possible Sources, 1 page
Responses of body areas to check for sealing, to keep exhaust  smell out of interior, including body seals, rear lens gaskets, shift boot, valve cover vent hoses, vapor cannister connections, etc.

Dec 2002

Source for Headliners & Sun Visors, 1 page
Lists ACME for interior vinyl parts (verify mateial and color used).

July 2002

GT Door Panel Removal, 1 page
Wayne T. lists step-by-step procedure for pulling GT door panel.

May 2001

Tech Tip Request: Seatback Won't Stay Up, 1 page
Installation of replacement pivot pin must be with gears in correct mesh position (or seatback may fall flat to the rear).

Dec 2000

Extra Storage Space, 1 page
Rubbermaid #3056 "Salad Keeper" round container fits inside spare tire.

Dec 2000

Installing GT Carpet, 1 page
Wayne T. lists parts needed and a sequentail installation procedure.

Jun 1999

Headliner replacement, 1 page
Suggestions include: Removing all glass and rubber (and dash), Laying headliner out in the sun 1 hour prior to installation, and using office-supply type binder clips and 3M interior adhesive to secure edges. This is best done when the vehicle is stripped (generally for a paint job).

May 1998

Installing '74-'75 Manta seat belts in other Opels; 1 page (illustrated)
Dennis G. provides a template for a bracket, to allow custom mounting of late-model Manta seat belts as a replacement in the Kadett or GT.

Jan 1998

Increasing storage space in a GT; 2 pages (illustrated)
Dennis G. details how to extend the spare tire area and to find a space saver spare tire (sources listed are the Chevette & Geo Metro. Also suggests placing speakers on shelf below the rear window.

Nov 1997

Soundproofing your Opel; 1 page
Dennis G. covers jute, asphalt sheets, mylar covered foam, exhaust insulation wrap and spray-on rubber undercoating, as options inside and in the undercarriage, for isolating interiors from engine & road noise.

Oct 1996

Tech Tip, 1 page
Source for replacement in-dash vent duct hoses: 1967-72 Chevy/GMC truck.

Aug 1996

"Smoldering in the Southwest"; 2 pages (illustrated)
Details window regulator repair (including cable lengths of various models), & reassembly/installation in GT.

Oct 1995

Replacement Seats for GT, 1 page
Reply to letter, indicates replacement seats for GT's can include the Fiat X 1/9, 1984 Corvette and Mazda Miata. However, each installation requires adapters, and may not appear as stylistically compatible with GT's.

May 1995

GT Air Conditioning Systems (ARA & GM) Survey; 6 pages (illustrated)
The most comprehensive article on this topic anywhere. Includes a survey of owners of GT A/C systems, interior installation photo and diagrams of the dealer-installed aftermarket ARA system (identified by a silver "box" on the passenger side front of the engine), as well as reprints from the 1973 Opel factory service manual showing the GM A/C system (identified by the large black cylinder compressor on the driver's side of the engine).

Nov 1991

Speedometer Needle Jumping Tip; 1 page
Suggests lubricating the speedometer cable.

Aug 1987

GT Sun Visor Clip Repair Technique; 1 page (illustration)
Gil W. suggests drilling out a broken plastic hinge, then replacing the hinge's stud with a 10-32 x 1.25" machine screw, per the illustration.

July 1986

GM Factory Air Conditioning System Notes, 1 page
General notes on the dealer-installed GM a/c unit for Manta's and 1971-1973 GT's, including notation of the unique vacuum-switched compressor cutoff function. Illustration of vent section of the GM a/c console.

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