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GT Headlights

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  • Perhaps the trickiest area of the Opel GT, this is a custom-designed system that requires inspection (of the often-cracked GT headlight wires) and sometimes adjustment. The best summary is the August 2004 Blitz.

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Aug 2004

(Tech Tip Index) GT Headlight Repair, 1 page (illustrated)
Includes an index and description of past OMC Blitz articles covering GT headlights, excerpted here.

Aug 2004

GT Headlight Diagnosis & Rewiring Tips, 3 pages (illustrated) Click here for FREE Acrobat download
Step by Step procedure, of replacing original 30+ year old wiring (a frequent fire hazard), with a custom 12-gauge 3-wire loom. Best for daily drivers (that will not be concours judged). Also includes
Step by Step procedure, for use with a DC voltmeter and small "jumper" type test cables, to diagnose common headlight relay, microswitch, and circuit wiring problems. Includes schematic, to connect a bypass switch to operate headlights.

Sept 2002

Headlight Wiring notes, 1 page
Readers warned of need to inspect wiring, and to route through a section of flex tubing (in hole in headlight mechanisms).

Aug 2001

Adjusting the GT Headlight Mechanism, 4 pages (illustrated)
The most relatable article on the topic, written by Wayne T., as both a guide and a procedure; It emphasizes specific warnings to avoid the most preventable disasters that commonly occur --like the need to tape the body around the headlight bucket to avoid chipping the paint during installation, and gently approaching the vulnerable but critical 8mm bolt heads where they attach the flex plates to the headlight mechanism. Also covers mechanism alignments, cable connection, removal, installation and adjustment of the retractor assemblies, and more. This 4-page article can also be downloaded from the Internet (requires Adobe Acrobat reader) at the time of this writing from: http://www.classicopels.com/wbb/portal_database.php?action=view&fid=2&cid=2&styleid=1

Feb 2000

GT Headlights rewiring, 1 page
Randy B. notes a burned-up Opel GT found at a local "U-Pull" type salvage yard, apparently caused by shorted-out headlight wires.

Feb 1999

Service Manual Reprint: GT headlight adjustments, 3 pages (illustrated)
Reprint of images and text, from 1973 Opel Service manual.

Feb 1999

GT headlight adjustments, 1 page
Wayne T. fields Todd K's question about adjusting the headlight   buckets by suggesting installing both buckets first in the lights "on"  (open) position, then to make the adjustments relative to the body. With the headlight lever all the way forward, align the driver's side   bucket to the closed and latched position, then align the passenger   side bucket with adjustment of the center rod to (where the 6mm allen bolt head is).

Jan 1998

Repairing a headlight relay; 1 page
Roger K. writes to avoid GT headlight relay failure, suggesting to open up the main (7-wire) relay, clean the (8) internal contact points, and to use "fluid isolating paint" (from an electronics store or the Eastwood Company) to insulate the main internal current wire from the main relay coil. Not so much a "repair" as a prevention tip.

Oct 1997

Manuel Wong's Custom GT headlight array; 1 page (illustrated)
Article describes Daniel G's installation of smaller, high-illumination PIAA driving and fog lights, into the underside of GT headlight bucket, so GT can be driven with lights (when bucket are "closed").

Dec 1995

Lubricating frozen headlight cable
Reprint from "Opel USA" newsletter (published by C&R Small Cars 1983-1992), suggesting hanging up a stuck GT headlight cable and spraying one end with motorcycle chain lube repeatedly each day for a week, until fluid runs out the other end of the cable, to free it up from internal rust.

Aug 1989

GT Headlight Buckets, Fix for Loose Buckets; 1 page
Suggestion to GT owners whose headlights weren't staying locked,   to inspect and replace when needed with a quantity of six "grade 8" allen-head hex bolts (measuring 10-32 unf by 1" long). Roger explains that the threading is close to metric, but if cross-threading is a concern, to re-tap the holes with a 10-32 unf tap and to torque to 80 INCH-lbs., with a drop of loc-tite sealer. (Original bolt is 5mm x 0.8 pitch, 20mm length, with 8mm wide head), and you may want to try to locate good used condition original bolts or metric replacements before permanently altering threads in the headlight mechanism mount holes.

Aug 1986

Letter Requesting Help for GT Headlights & Reply; 1 page
Franki J. asks for help to find a "round disc collar" piece for her lights.

Mar 1985

GT Headlights (Inspect before problems develop) (Letter); 1 page
Bill W. asks OMC for a cure for lighting problems caused by cracked insulation on his GT headlight wires.

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