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Lowes Motor SpeedwayThe 2005 Spring AutoFair was a huge success for the Carolina Opel Club and all Opel's in the country! The show was held April 7th through the 10th in Charlotte, North Carolina at NASCAR's Lowe's Motor Speedway.

The main show day was Saturday, April 9th. The AutoFair is the largest car show in the Southeastern US and is mainly made up of old muscle and rare and unique cars. We have been showing our Opel's for the last 5 years with "some" recognition from time to time. But after speaking with the AutoFair officials about getting us a better show space, they came through and gave a probably one of the best spots available for maximum exposure.

Nine Opel's showed up from North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.

  • From the car club, Dallas Mize won "Best In Show" with his great looking yellow "Spyder"
  • GT Brian Quick won "Second Place" with his restored orange GT
  • Nathan Maloy won "Honorable Mention" with his 2.4L, twin side draft, green GT

Others who came to the show with their Opel's were Jarrell Young, Mike Preble, Helmut Guehr, John May, Keith Lundholm and Roy Bell. Harold Collins and Ken Litke also came but without their Opel's.

We gained three new members from just the exposure at the show. They came up and said they had an Opel but did not know there was a club around! What made this show great was the fact that each "Best In Show" winners from 54 car clubs went on to compete for the overall "Best In Show" for the entire AutoFair on Sunday. As one of our members put it, "In the motherland of V8 power", Dallas Mize's Yellow Opel GT "Spyder" won the whole thing!

Finally, Opel got the recognition we all have been wanting and at a show like this, it is even better. The next AutoFair will be the Fall show on September 15th through the 18th, with the "show" day on Saturday, September 17th.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Roy Bell at and I will get you the information you need.

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