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  • Suggested articles, sometimes including step-by-step procedures, are indicated with orange colored text. You can also submit YOUR Opel Tech Tips, for consideration by the Editor of the OMC Blitz, to: joinomc@opelclub.com
  • Now that Opels in North America are 30 or more years old, body inspection is necessary to check for rust at the rocker panels and behind the wheel wells of these all-steel vehicles. OMC Blitz articles contain a mix of suggestions of body hardware repairs to power and style upgrades.

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Mar - April 2009

Opel GT Paint & Body, Part #2
Notes on part-by-part details, with checklists and techniques for completing successful repainting of a GT (28 pages), illustrated

Jan - Feb 2009

Opel GT Paint & Body, Part #1
Notes on project motivation, preparation checklists, and information on original Opel GT exterior styles - Download this article / Link to Paint Color Chip chart

Sept - Oct. 2008

How to build a Targa GT
Notes on body reinforcement, welding, and fillers (7 pages)

March 2004

Adapter Bracket for Pop-out Quarter Windows in 1969-70 GT, 2 pages
Rodney K. describes and illustrates, how to fashion a custom bracket, to create a rear mounting point with the correct angle, to securely install the later 1971-1973 opening "popout" quarter windows onto the rear of the 1968-1970 GT (which came with "fixed" quarter windows) for cooler Summertime interior ventilation.

Feb 2004

GT Tow Bar Brackets, 1 page
Replies to inquiry by Peter M., on adapting a tow bar to fit the GT (so towing can be done without a 2-wheel tow dolly or 4-wheel tow trailer). Keith W. mentions he used 2 pieces of 1 1/2" angle iron to fashion a bracket to the GT's stock bumper bracket mounting points, and leaves the steering un-locked when towing. Gary F. reminds readers that some states require current vehicle registration, if a car is towed with wheels touching the highway. (Note: Some states offer a one-day "moving permit" and/or a "trip permit" for multiple days, for otherwise unregistered vehicles. These permits, conceivably, could be used to drive a vehicle over a weekend, to a car show! Check your local DMV/MVD or AAA for cost, availability, and additional requirements).

Jan 2004

GT Hood Latch Adjustment, 1 page
Reply to Inquiry from Paul C., suggests that if hood is not latching from one or both of the latch brackets (screwed to the firewall) being misaligned, to: Put some grease on the latch (at the firewall), then place a sheet of typing paper on the underside of the hood's "H" bar, then to drop the hood carefully and note the presence (or lack of presence) of grease on the paper, to determine which direction to realign the latch.

Nov 2003

Weather Stripping, 1 page
JC Whitney cited as an after-market source

April 2003

Exhaust Fumes in car, 1 page

Feb 2003

GT Hood Hinge Fix, 2 pages (illustrated)
Suggestions of lubricating hinge with WD-40 before it sticks and breaks the metal body mount (and installing a grease fitting as well), and Bill H's photos show repairs for hinge mounts already broken

Sept 2002

Conversion Kit to Install Pop-out Windows in early GTs, 1 page (illustrated)
Pictorial shows before and after photos, of the fabricated adaptor plate, to install side opening "popout" windows in 1968-1970 GT's.

Sept 2002

Windshield Removal and Installation, 1 page
Same text as in August 2002

Aug 2002

GT Windshield Removal & Replacement, 1 page
John G. suggests installation procedure of wrapping rubber gasket (with glass inserted) with a length of thick cotton rope and lubricating with silicone spray, then pulling one end of the rope from the inside of the car while a friend applies even pressure on the glass from the outside of the car, until the glass is sealed and all rope is displaced

July 2002

Door Lock Button Conversion, 1 page (illustrated)
Wayne T. details modification to door lock mechanism, so you can lock a GT car door without holding the outside "button."

June 2002

Paint Stripper, 1 page
Refers to chemical "Capt. Lee's Spra-strip" from Halon marketing of Thorndale, PA 800-421-9498

May 2002

Broken Hood Release fixes, 1 page (illustrated)
Illustrates using a coat hanger, with a hook at least 8 1/2" from the end, through the hole in the firewall, to open the hood when the hood release cable breaks or has been removed (such as when the dash is removed)

Jan 2002

Car Jacket for Winter Storage, 1 page (illustrated)
Describes @$200. car-sized zippered waterproof bag kit from Pine Ridge Enterprise of Bath, MI (www.carbag.com)

Feb 2001

Attaching Emblems, 1 page
Article made obsolete by new repro emblem grommets, but suggests using a dab of clear silicone sealer to hold in place

Feb 2001

Door Window Installation, 1 page
Caution not to overtighten 10mm bolts (safety glass will shatter)

Dec 2000

Protection from Stone Chips, 1 page
Recommendation of use of 3M Scotchcal Paint Protection Film, on paint-cured surfaces like wheel wells, hood edges, and edges of fiberglass flares

Dec 2000

Slow Windshield Wiper, 1 page
Suggestion to re-lubricate the original drive gears with bearing grease

Nov 2000

GT Rear Window Defogger repairs, 1 page
Notes encourage checking window tab connections and to consider installing a replacement aftermarket defroster (on non-defroster glass), per OMC Blitz 6/1998 tech article

April 1999

Intermittent windshield wipers, 2 pages (illustrated)
Wayne T. describes a do-it-yourself kit, including IC mounting on a custom circuit board. Very detailed and well illustrated

March 1999

Key Blanks for Opel GT Ignition, Door & Gas Cap
Multipart discussion on application and sources of code OP11/OP19 key blanks for early and late model GT's

Jan 1999

Preparing your car for show, 2 pages (illustrated)
Jim T. advises interior vacuum (Q-tip harder-to-reach vent surfaces), polishing metal surfaces, jacking the car up and cleaning the under-carriage, de-grease the engine compartment, and Armor-All (or use an equivalent) as appropriate on vinyl and rubber surfaces.

Sept 1998

Power windows in a GT, 6 pages (illustrated)
Another Wayne T. tech masterpiece. Includes pull-out actual size template, Switches are mounted on the console, "SPAL" window kit is used ($220.), the entire article should be read before beginning (some drilling required)

Jun 1998

Aftermarket Rear Window Defroster; 2 pages
Nick W. and Wayne T. provide extensive notes on installation of  generic aftermarket JC Whitney and Audiovox rear window   defroster kits on an Opel GT, including 50 ohm resistance spec

Jul 1997

GT trailer hitches: two solutions; 2 pages (illustrated)
Describes after-market European "Brink" hitch from 1990's, and US made GT hitch (from unnamed supplier) with schematic drawing

March 1996

Power Rear Quarter Windows for the GT; 5 pages (illustrated)
Wayne T. lists materials and procedures, so that you won't have to twist back past the seats to open and close the "popout" style rear quarter windows (stock on '71-'73 GT's)

Dec 1995

Opel concept cars (Ascona and GT body projects (illustrated)
Opel USA reprint, of an Opel Enthusiast's visual concepts for modified high-performance Opels.

Jun 1995

GT Trailer Hitch Notes "Cover Your Rear"; 1 page (illustrations)
Notes that installation of a trailer hitch on a GT, can help prevent costly damage to (virtually) irreplaceable rear body parts on the GT. Photo of hitch is included, from 1986 German "Werkstatthandbuch," but is should be noted, that although this hitch was offered for sale by Buick dealers, we have never seen one in the U.S. on a GT. There were aftermarket hitches fabricated by "U-Haul" type dealers.

May 1995

GT Luggage Rack; 1 page (illustrated)
Includes photo and installation instructions, for aftermarket AMCO chrome luggage rack manufactured for the GT in the 1970's.

May 1995

Opel GT "Pop-out" Quarter Windows; 1 page (illustrated)
Article mentions that owners of 1968-1970 GT's can enhance their interior cooling, by installing a pair of later 1971-1973 style rear quarter opening "popout" windows. Notes that parts required include: Popout glass, 4 triangular brackets with 12 screws and 4 black nuts, 2 hinges with 6 screws and 2 chrome nuts, chrome trim with screw holes, about 24 small screws, and 2 rubber gaskets. You also need a custom hinger-mount adaptor (described in OMC Blitz in March 2004; see also Sept 2002). (Note: Drilling and installation assistance may also be required).

May 1995

Opel GT Rear Window Louvers; 1 page (illustrated)
Article mentions and includes a photo, of one of the various aftermarket rear window louver kits, sold in the 1970's and 1980's for the GT by various retailers such as J.C. Whitney.

Jan 1995

Winterize Your Opel (GT), 1 page (illustrated)
A variety of tips, on preparing your Opel GT for winter driving, including part inspections, lubrication, and upgrades.

June 1991

Tips on Washing Your Opel; 3 pages
Fred L. mentions that regular washing helps prevent paint oxidation, and adds tips of using 1 tablespoon of salad oil when doing a typical car wash in the driveway, applying soapy oil with a sheepskin mitt, then using a chamois for the initial dry wipe. Mentions Mother's, Maguire's, Harly's Carnuba and Der Stuff brands of car cleaners and waxes

April 1989

Windshield Wiper Operation Tips & Rain-X; 1 page
Fred L. suggests using Rain-X water repellant product, if wiper blades alone don't clear windshield during rainstorms

Nov 1988

Opel Air Opel GT's, 3 pages (illustrated)
Shows 6 Photos of installed Targa kits on Opel GT's, and 2 conceptual drawings from the original GT designs. A photo essay, no instructions.

Sept 1987

Windshield Wiper Sprayer Hose Source, 1 page
Rick G. suggests using irrigation drip tubing for replacement hose.

Aug 1987

Opel Collision Tips, Part 2; 2 pages

July 1987

Opel Collision, Tips to Deal With Insurance Companies; 2 pages

April 1987

Pop-out Side Window Installation (for 1969 & 1970 GT's); 1 page
Gil W. suggests installing the later 1971-73 GT "pop-out" (opening) side windows, with procedure of using the holes in the chrome trim as a template to mark holes to drill in the window frame-area metal, then installing the rubber and glass, and centering the mount areas for drilling by having someone hold and center the glass while you drill. (Note: You will also need a "stand off" plate for the correct angle, see instructions for fabricating this plate in the March 2004 OMC Blitz)

Aug 1986

GT T-Top Concept; 2 pages (illustration)

Dec 1985

Opel GT Factory Color Schemes, 1969-1972; 1 page

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