1980 ~ 1989

Environmental initiatives 1980 - 1989

In the 1980's, Opel introduces a number of environmental initiatives, several of which were industry firsts. The Opel Omega, introduced in 1986, offers a broad range of low exhaust emission gasoline and diesel engines and is elected "Car of the Year 1987". Opel sets new standards in aerodynamics with the Opel Vectra in 1988.

1981 - Opel is the first automobile manufacturer to introduce environmentally compatible water-based paints. A new paint shop in Rüsselsheim is completed at a cost of over 500 million marks.

1982 - Opel constructs a new plant in Zaragoza, Spain for the production of the Opel Corsa, the most compact car ever produced by the company.


1983 - The 20 millionth car leaves the Rüsselsheim plant. Asbestos-free clutch linings become standard equipment.

1985 - Opel becomes the first manufacturer to offer a complete range of models equipped with catalytic converters. Opel develops a sponsoring concept which forms the basis of a strong engagement in dynamic ball sports and partnerships with world-class athletes and teams.

1987 - Opel celebrates its 125th anniversary. The new DM 300 million paint shop in Bochum sets worldwide environmental standards through the use of water-soluble paints.

1989 - The 25 millionth Opel, an Omega Caravan, rolls off the production line. Opel becomes the first company to fit a closed-loop catalytic converter as standard equipment on all its gasoline-engined cars in Germany.

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