1946 ~ 1979

A new beginning 1945 - 1979

After the end of the war, former Opel employees began to rebuild the nearly completely destroyed Rüsselsheim plant. With only minor changes, the Blitz truck, and later, the Olympia and Kapitan were introduced. With the completion of its Bochum plants in 1962, Opel began a new era. Opel introduced the Senator and Monza models in 1977, again entering the executive class segment.

1946 - The first post-war Opel, a 1.5-ton Blitz truck, rolls out of the factory.

1950 - Reconstruction of the Rüsselsheim plant is completed.


1956 - The two-millionth Opel is produced. Opel doubles production capacity with the inauguration of the new body plant, K 40.


1962 - Opel celebrates its 100th anniversary and inaugurates the second plant in Bochum.


1966 - The one millionth Kadett leaves the Bochum plant. Opel opens the Dudenhofen Proving Ground in Germany and inaugurates a new component manufacturing plant in Kaiserslautern.

1972- Opel is the largest car manufacturer in Germany with a 20.4% market share.

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