1925 ~ 1967

A tradition of safety 1925 - 1967

Opel owes its current high safety standards to many years of consistent development work. A chronicle of the most significant development in the past 70 years is presented here.

1925 - Patents were granted for a steering box positioned well back, a recessed steering-wheel boss and a considerably shortened steering column. This marked the first step towards safety steering.

1934 - Patent for a self-supporting sheet-steel body with "strutted-frame body construction method" and a "front body section with stepwise deformation when subjected to load".

1935 - Opel's 1.3 liter Olympia was the first German volume-production car with a unitary all-steel body, the design of which was based on the patent granted in 1934. The Rüsselsheim car manufacturer thus paved the way for passive safety in mass-production cars.

1962 - The first rollover tests were conducted with a Kadett at the Opel plant in Bochum, Germany.

1964 - The first frontal crash tests look place with remote-controlled cars on the old proving ground at the Rüsselsheim plant.

1967 - Opel began volume production of the safety steering column with energy-absorbing lattice mesh element, telescopic spindle and breakaway mounting blocks.


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