Opel Motorsports Club

What is OMC?

OMC is an independent US-based auto club, that specializes in German-Made 1968-1975 Opels.

(Opel GT, Opel Manta, Opel Kadett, and Opel Ascona & Wagon) originally imported by the Buick Division of General Motors.

OMC was founded in 1980 in Southern California by a group of Opel performance enthusiasts, and since has remained a source for information that is truly independent of any Opel parts or service vendor.

The OMC "Highlight of the Year" is the "Opel Nationals Event" held every Summer at selected locations across the country.

OMC has published our newsletter "The Blitz" since 1981, and is the only US Opel club that is officially recognized by the Opel factory (based in Russelheim, Germany).

Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car magazine (December 2006 issue, page 91)

"OMC Unveils the New Opel GT"
Geneva Auto Show debut

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New Features:

"Digital Prototype Blitz"
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"OMC Consumer's Guide"

2015 OMC National Event!

Opel 1.9 liter engine tune-up
* Contains 10 FREE pages of diagnosis and instructions

Opel GT "Things to Know"  (Beta)
Lists tips on:  Inspecting a GT for sale, hiring a mechanic, repairing critical GT components, restating a long-stored GT, knowing the service manuals and parts changes, and how upgrade a Classic Opel GT to a reliable daily-driver.

OMC Digital Blitz Prototype



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